Dragging a wide tooth comb through my wet, knotty hair can at times be a painful nightmare! I thought to myself “How can i make this process easier, gentler and kinder to my hair” as I hold my hair at the top of my head to avoid the pain pulling at the roots of my already sensitive scalp. This is where I decided to finally succumb and purchase a Tangle Teezer to see what all the fuss was about.

Tangle-Teezer-DesignI opted to purchase the Compact Styler so I would be able to pop in my handbag and take it with me for when I need a quick refresh. I also chose one of their limited edition collaboration with Lulu Guinness  as I loved the bold black and white stripes with the iconic lips logo, thinking I would be able to see it better in the bottom of my handbag.
The first thing I noticed was how well it fitted in the palm of my hand, however brushing it though my long wet wavy locks was almost more of a pain than previous! The two tier teeth are meant to have dual purpose Tangle-Teezer-Bristles– longer teeth to tease and detangle and the shorter teeth to smooth. Along with memory flex technology allowing the teeth to move around the hair and not the other way round like most conventional hairbrushes. However, where the teeth are not very long I felt it was just gliding over the top of my hair and not brushing the underneath, meaning I had to start sectioning my hair and in the end started to take longer than it had before.
Not too impressed with how it worked on wet hair, I thought maybe it was better suited to dry hair so I added it to the mountain of unnecessary old receipts and junk in my bag and carried on as usual. The brush comes with a innovative removable cover that protects the bristles from dust, dirt and damage to the bristles. When I eventually came around to using the brush during the day after looking windswept on the way to work, I was pleasantly surprised the it actually worked quite well and got all the knots out pain free.
After using it for the last few months I found using it on wet hair was definitely not for me and instead decided to use the advice I learnt from when I done my hairdressing training to use the good old fashion wide tooth comb, combing from the ends and slowly moving up the hair to the roots which in turn actually save me a lot of time, pain and damage to my hair. As for my Tangle Teezer, it has now been made redundant to the bottom of my handbag to only be used for quick touch ups when out and about. It’s a shame as it was a whopping £13.50!  But I wish I had saved my money and bought a miniature Denman hair brush at more than half the price, slightly smaller and does exactly the same job!
The brand has now branched out and created a range suitable for really curly, thick hair and even brushes that can be used to style your hair too but to be honest after the performance of the compact styler I wouldn’t want to be disappointed again!
Have you tried any Tangle Teezer hair brushes? What are your thoughts?