Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a natural plant based cleanser that cleans skin and removes stubborn makeup brilliantly. The two-step ‘phase’ is perfect for morning and evening use and is suitable for all skin types. (Phase 1 is the cleansing, Phase 2, the polishing).

This simple to use formula is rich and creamy in texture and removes makeup with ease, gently nourishing your skin along the way. It also comes with a complimentary muslin cloth for polishing, buffing and eliminating dead skin cells. This is perfect for those who dislike oil based cleansers. The naturally active ingredients include cocoa butter and eucalyptus, helping to achieve effortless radiant skin.

A great feature with this cleanser is your choice of how the product is dispensed, either in a tube or a pump-action bottle. We prefer pump-action as it gives you just the right amount of product to use for the whole face, so there is no need to worry excess waste. You can safely and gently use this cleanser around your eyes to remove makeup and we recommend folding a warm, wet muslin cloth pressing gently over the eye, to help slowly breakdown eye makeup and softly sweep away any residue.

There are a range of different sized bottles available on shelves, starting from £8.50 for a 50ml tube (link) to £24.75 for a 200ml tube. We recommend checking the (Liz Earle) website, as they offer both introductory starter kits as well as the ability to subscribe for monthly deliveries so you’ll never be without.

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