When Bobbi Brown first came to market back in the early 90’s, their debut foundation stick propelled the company to new heights and revolutionised the industry with new tones and colours such as yellow, an obscure and unique shade for the time.

Since then, Their signature foundation has been changed various times and their latest version is a Winner for any makeup collection.

Bobbi’s new Formula shows significant improvement with effortless application. Straight from the twist-up bullet, the creamy texture provides a minimal, weightless feel when blended and doesn’t make you feel over-done, or caked consistently leaving unflawed even coverage. It’s a perfect size to fit in any clutch bag or kit, making it perfect for general touch-ups throughout the day.

There are several ways you can apply the foundation depending on how much coverage you require.

Light > Using a foundation brush (I use the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush) directly on the stick and buff the foundation into the skin.

Medium > Apply the foundation stick directly from the bullet, lightly onto the skin and blend using your fingers.

Heavy > Apply the foundation stick a little heavy than before and blend either with fingers or buff into the skin using a buffing brush. (I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush)

I found after a couple of hours, the product can start to look a little oily, so to avoid it, I often apply a light dusting of powder to the T-zone. A simpler alternative however is to have some blotting papers at hand to rid of oily patches.

Overall I give Bobbi Browns new Foundation Stick formula an 8/10. With good even coverage, a natural look and minimal feel, its an essential part of the daily makeup kit with a good selection of skin tones.

Have you Bobbi’s Stick Foundation? If not what do you prefer?