If you ask any Makeup Artist or Beauty lover how to create beautiful curly lashes, they might tell you a great mascara or a good set of false lashes but sometimes nothing a can beat a fantastic pair of eyelash curlers. Used correctly they can open the eye, create longer, fuller lashes and help your complexion appear more youthful.

At Forever Blushed we are loving ‘The Vintage Company Eyelash Curlers’. Firstly, the name of the brand says it all ‘The Vintage Company’ and the beautiful, bright packaging with the design of the curlers is just that! Designed with a gorgeous spring attached that you do not see much these days, we can not help but feel these curlers a slightly special indeed.

For those who have not used eyelash curlers before here is a little guide.
* Make sure they are clean and dry to help you get the most our of your eyelash curlers
* Start by holding the curlers the way you would a pair of scissors
* Place the curler halfway along your lashes
* Gently clamp down and hold the curlers shut for a few seconds
* Slowly release to reveal beautifully curlier, longer and fuller lashes
* Apply your favourite mascara and hey presto, your ready to go

PRO TIP! Carefully warm your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer on a low setting and your lashes will last throughout the whole day!

Do you have a favourite pair of eyelash curlers? Let us know which ones you love!