We have compiled a small selection of what we think is the Ultimate Tool Kit, to make getting ready a little easier for you this new season.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Eye Lash Curlers

We have done a more in depth review of these before here so we won’t keep this too long. The Vintage Eye Lash Curlers really do look the sign of true beauty, from the cute packaging to the vintage style curlers, your friends will be truly envious when they see you use these. They are very easy to use and work really well in curling and elongating the lashes to help open the eyes

Our top tip: using a hair dryer on a LOW heat! (we want no burns please) Heat up your eyelash curlers to allow to cool while curling your lashes. This will set them in place and keep them curlier for longer!
Original Beauty Blender
In 3 easy steps you can be looking at beauty flawless skin. Simply, wet the sponge (it expands to twice the size), squeeze out the excess water and “bounce” the sponge all over your face to smooth out your foundation and cream blushers. We tend not to bounce instead we ‘press and roll’ as we find it a little easier. The tapered top is brilliant for getting into all those hard to reach areas under the eye and around the nose too. Perfect flawless skin in a matter of seconds.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
If you are not a sponge kinda gal then no worries the Real Techniques Buffing Brush is perfect. In small circular motion gently buff your foundation into the skin and keep buffing for 30 seconds and your foundation will be flawless and looking just like skin! It really is that quick and simple. This is also brilliant for when you want to look like you are not wearing any makeup at all. The Buffing Brush is available in ‘The Real Techniques Core Collection’, which includes 4 brushes: Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush and Contour Brush. It also comes with a professional brush case that turns into a stand.

Wella Professionals Refections Hair Oil
This little beauty has been a favourite here at Forever Blushed HQ for quite some time however, we felt we had to include it because it will help keep your barnet tame and easy to style again and again. If your running late and are in a rush, then this is a perfect quick fix for you hair. Apply 2-3 pumps (depending on the length of your hair) and smooth all over, then simply blow-dry as usual. You could try a quick sleek and straight look and feel confident to walk out the door on time but it is also very good for curler styles and keeps fly aways in check. It is also good to use on the ends of dry hair to help prevent them from splitting and gives and amazing shine to the hair too.

There you have our guide to the Ultimate Tool Kit. Think we have missed something? Why not tell us what your Ultimate Tool Kit is!