Acne, spots, allergies and skin diseases, things we’re all looking to avoid. As a commercial Makeup Artist, I could easily be working on several people at any one time, and with bacteria easily spread through brushes it’s extremely important to keep them clean between uses! Here’s four things to look out for and why you Dirty Makeup brushes could be destroying your skin!

Dirty Brushes Transfers Germs!

Placing your dirty eye shadow brush (that hasn’t been cleaned for months) into your favourite MAC eye shadow palette is one of the worse things to do. Not only are you then applying to your face which can compromise your application but you have now also contaminated your favourite eye shadow palette.

Unclean brushes irritate your skin!

Weeks or even months worth of dust, dirt, dead skin cells and allergens can all build up over time. Rubbing this all over your face can clog up pores and make your skin dry, sore and break out in blemishes. Keeping your brushes clean and sanitized will leave your brushes soft and supple so when you do use them, they won’t aggravate your skin.

They Can Cause Skin Complications!

Conjunctivitis and herpes can spread like wildfire! And when you think you have got rid of them BAM they are back with advengence. To avoid this don’t share your makeup or brushes with friends especially mascara, eyeliner and lipsticks! If you do share the odd eye shadow give it a quick spray before and after with an antibacterial makeup spray. P.S. Clean your eyelash curlers too ladies!

Dirty Brushes don’t last long…

You have just spent a wooping £58 on a Tom Ford Foudation Brush and you don’t clean it for weeks if not months, slowly you notice the bristles start to fall out and the shape become dishevelled. It doesn’t achieve the flawless base you once had so you throw it out thinking it wasn’t worth it and buy another less expensive foundation brush! What a waste of money! You bought that brush for that exact reason to make you foundation flawless! So why not treat it well and reap the benefits and it will last a lifetime!

Dermatologists suggest washing your makeup brushes every couple of days, in the real world that isn’t always possible. We aim for once a week to keep our brushes in tip top condition. You don’t need to use the most expensive brush cleaner, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is perfect and sometime a little conditioner to keep the bristles soft. Your can also purchase antibacterial sprays and wipes (for lipsticks and masacara wands) too! So there are no excuses!