Food is everything right now. While Lady Gaga’s dressed in layers of meat, herbal tea baths are the norm and I’m here painting my nails with Kale, it seems obvious that were going to see more food in our beauty regimes. And thats exactly what Grounded, a company who took to BBC2’s Dragons Den recently (and won some investment), have done with a new body scrub! Only this time its coffee!

I can hear you all now, Coffee? Really? Believe it or not, coffee has amazing benefits for the skin that you don’t have to drink. Due to its high caffeine content, rubbing it on your skin helps improve blood flow making it appear brighter and healthier. It also restricts blood vessels, which in turn shrinks fat cells making your skin less puffy and swollen leaving it to look and feel smoother.

The body scrub contains Ground Robusta Coffee, Sugar and Salt to exfoliate the skin, to remove all traces of dry, dead skin cells that can often build up. Each scented scrub (Coconut, Chocolate Orange and Grapefruit) contains added essential oils that help moisturise, tone and cleanse the skin which can also target skin problems, such as Acne, Cellulite, Eczema and Scarring.

You can use the scrub in a variety of ways, in the bath, shower or even gentle enough to use as a face mask. You can apply the scrub in circular motions to dry skin (for a rougher scrub) or to wet skin. Either way leave on for 10 minutes to allow all the oils, vitamins and minerals to absorb into the skin, then simply wash off.

I found the scrub to be extremely messy so be prepared for a bathroom clean up once you have finished but the end result was amazing. My skin was so soft and moisturised from the Vitamin E, Almond and Coconut Oils that I didn’t need to use any moisturiser after – bonus! I have the Coconut one which smelt amazing in the shower and after too! I will be adding this to my showering rituals but only as a once a week option as it is quite time consuming (obviously you don’t have to wait the whole 10 mins but from the results, it’s so worth the wait)!


Grounded have now also released 3 new lip balms, all natural of course and contains no added petroleum! Jam packed with essential oils and Vitamin E to help protect the lips and are again great for anyone with bad skin conditions. They have also extended the range to include a Coconut and Lime Hair Mask which I am desperate to try! Grounded scrubs are available on their website and across the UK in larger Boots stores!

So will you be having your morning coffee in a different way from now on? I know I certainly will be!