It’s been rather nippy in London lately. As soon as I’ve been battered by the wind, soaked by torrential down pours and tingling from the bitter cold, i’m craving a warm cup of cocoa and my duvet! Turning the heating up a little over winter though often drys out my skin, as if it hasn’t had enough already, but my legs often suffer the worst. Coincidentally though I recently won a small beauty brand competition and got sent the perfect solution! Enter.. This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil!

I’ve had my beady eyes on Dry Leg Oil for quite some time, so naturally when I received my gift through the post I frantically ripped open the packaging like a fruitcake waiting to be frosted over by the icing.

Designed to tackle dry, rough and under nourished skin This Works claim their solution will rehydrate and invigorate dull parched pins. Using a highly concentrated blend of 9 essential oils blended with a nourishing fusion of 7 pure cold-pressed plant oils. The rich blend not only enhance stubborn dry patches on legs but also on the elbows, knees and arms leaving them silky, smooth and glowing.

The rich formula absorbs into the skin well without leaving marks on your clothing, I do find it can be a little rich for use in the morning, however it is great to use in the evening before you jump into bed. You can apply to dry skin and for deeper absorption, apply to damp skin. The handy pump action bottle releases a small amount of product to massage into your lower leg. It might not look much but a little goes a long way, so you know the bottle is not going to run out quickly.

The potent fragrance and blend of calming evening primrose and chamomile really helps soothe ingrown hairs, reducing irritation and even helps soften Kerarosis Pilaris (those annoying little bumps that can appear on your arms and thighs).

I tend to use this about 2-3 times a week and my skin has never been better. From the very first use my legs were softer, looked healthier and an extremely dry patch I have been trying to get rid of for a couple of months was nearly gone! I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough!

What I also love about This Works is that they pride themselves in the fact that their products are free from phthalates, sulphates, parabens and synthetic colours and fragrances. Not only this, they go one step further by trying to ensure the packaging and ingredients are recyclable and environmentally conscious. At the moment, you can purchase a bottle with an exclusive design by Holly Fulton, but get in quick as these are Limited Edition and might not be there for long!

Have you tried any skin oils? What do you think?