Last year Nails Inc formulated the first nail care and colour polish range that included Kale. Yep, you heard right… That superfood of the moment that everybody’s been talking about. Nails Inc have designed this polish to boost vitamins, antioxidants and improve keratin production that’s all supposedly absorbed into the nail.

Along with the new range comes new packaging and innovative design that allows you to place your nail under the now square-shaped bottle to see what the shades look like with your skin tone. But what I like even more is the newly designed brush, due to it being wide and flat this allows for maximum nail coverage and the arched tip helps to get right into the cuticle creating a very crisp, clean line.

The base coat can either apply one thin layer under any polish to help reap the benefits or use as an intense treatment and apply two coats twice a week. In just four weeks, your nails are meant to appear stronger, brighter and healthier!

I have been using the base coat for some time now and I have visible different in the strength of my nails and their over appearance when I have no polish on. The new formula and brush made it easier for thinner and better application, which in turn made my manicure last much longer before chipping. (And helped make sure it didn’t look like a child had painted my nails)!


The NailKale base coat has fast come a favourite of mine and I can’t wait to try more of their colours this autumn. I already have the NailKale Superfood Kit that includes the base coat and Mayfair Lane (a delicate pale pink shade), but on my Christmas list are Montpelier Walk (a perfect nude for autumn/winter), Regents Mews (described as a crushed damson) and Richmond Park Gardens (a midnight navy). I’m not sure I can wait until Christmas though, so they might have to be an early Christmas present to myself – or so I keep telling myself!

Have your tried the NailKale range?